Tuesday, March 29, 2011

How to Control Your Lust

Meditate regularly

With meditation you gain immense mental strength. Meditation gives you power to choose your thoughts. You can reject or accept a certain thought at your will. This strength may be used in rejecting the specific thoughts that motivate lust. With meditation you can attain a satisfaction in greater degree. You control your own mind and thus control everything within and without.

Be less self centered

The sensation of lust is a highly selfish thought. It is a search of pleasure without being actually concerned about others. Lust can be defeated by a superior sense of love and philanthropy. Be kind and generous and give love a priority over lust. Learn to respect the opposite sex as human beings.

Look into the near future

Use your foresight and imagination. What are you going to get from lust? Probably it’s some kind of excitement and momentary pleasure. Try to feel the satisfaction without getting involved physically. Project yourself into the state after everything is over. Project yourself into the state of relaxation and comfort omitting the intermediate stage of physical involvement. The sense of well being that you intend to gain through this involvement can also be gained without active involvement. Fast forward your mind to reach this state.

Look into the distant future

Identify the object of obsession and imagine what his or her body will look like after 20 – 30 years. Imagine the wrinkled, feeble and disfigured body. This is the ultimate stage where everyone must reach. Do you still feel the same level of attraction? Looking into the future helps one identifying the ultimate reality. May be its unacceptable, but it is true. Face it and the lust will vaporize almost immediately.

Identify the camouflage

Appearance can be deceptive. Read the mind. Understand the intentions. Appearances may be seductive but it’s only a camouflage. Should such an unreliable thing influence your decision? If we find an appearance attractive, shouldn’t we be looking for more information before doing anything foolish?

Go beyond appearance

Within the physical framework of every man and woman there are organs, glands, muscles, bones, mucus etc. The things that arouse lust are the same things that are otherwise abominable. You would probably throw up if you had seen the organs immersed in chemicals and kept in jars. The things you are attracted to are glands and excretory organs. Are you ready to make love with those glands and organs?

Let go of the possessiveness

Lust is motivated by a sudden urge to possess anything we find attractive. Lust can be outwitted with realization of truth. As long as we will fall for the appearance we will be deceived. Sometimes we need not to possess things. We may find Eiffel Tower beautiful, but it will be a foolery to try to own it.